We welcome physicists, researchers, and students from both overseas and in Thailand to submit their work in the related fields to SPC2020 as listed in the following table:

01Accelerators and Synchrotron Radiations
02 Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology
03Atomic Physics, Quantum Physics, Molecular and Chemical Physics
04 Biological Physics, Biosensors and Chemical Sensors
05Condensed Matter Physics
06Environmental Physics, Atmospheric Physics, Geophysics and Renewable Energy
07High Energy and Particle Physics
08Instrumentation, Metrology and Standards
09 Ion and plasma Physics
10Magnetic and Semiconductor Physics
11Material Physics, Nanoscale Physics, and Nanotechnology
12Nuclear and Radiation Physics
13Optics, Ultrafast Phenomena, and Photonics
14Physics Education
15Physics Innovation
16Plasma Fusion and Technology
17Quantum Technology
18Statistical and Theoretical Physics
19Surface, Interface and Thin Films